Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Before the show, Buffy was a movie. An extremely 90s movie. Released in 1992 and set in California, it's a primer in valley girl speak. You'll hear such gems as:

*What's the sitch?
*What's your damage?
*Excuse much, rude or anything?

and my favorite:

*Get out of my facial!

Luke Perry delivers a pretty ineffectual performance, complete with terrible hair and a soul patch. Donald Sutherland does not compare to Anthony Stewart Head. Paul Reubens is a major creeper. But I enjoyed Kristy Swanson as the slayer. It's a decently fun movie overall, with a good soundtrack, too.

Why you should watch this movie: "Does the word 'duh' mean anything to you?"

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: You're Joss Whedon and still can't get over what they did to your story.

I Heart the Nineties Rating: One snap up

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  1. Still one of my fav films! And last time I saw Kristy Swanson (3 years ago maybe?) she still had not aged...


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