Monday, March 31, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #5: Austin Powers

Throw me a frickin bone here.. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is most definitely a classic. It was released in 1997 and barely caught the tail end of the 60s mod revival that happened in the mid 90s, but regardless it was awesome of its own accord. Yeah, baby!! So quotable; so good.

Why you should watch this movie: The scene where Dr Evil and his son Scott attend a therapy session is a must see ("Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy.."). Plus, you might watch this and remember how you kinda had a thing for Seth Green back then. Anyone??

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: Perhaps you don't like toilet humor or Burt Bacharach.

I Heart the Nineties rating: Two snaps up!

I will also leave you with this. It's an official music video made to promote the movie. I remember seeing it on MTV or VH1 just once and it got stuck in my head for a very long time that spring.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beverly Hills, 90210 Trading Cards #16: Music Lover

I recently read Shannen Doherty's book titled Badass. She gave some good advice and it may help clear up (to some people) the bad rep she's had, but I couldn't believe how many times the word badass was used in the book. It was nearly every sentence. So this card should really have read this way:


A lot of Shannen's badass pals are musicians and writers. After work, her badass gang likes to "play some badass music, sit back and relax and just talk, which I really like," the badass actress says.

Shannen, I love you girl, but you really took the meaning out of that word by overusing it.

Fun & Games with the Teletubbies

Rediscovered a Teletubbies coloring book stashed away in a closet and naturally had to share a couple pages. According to the back, the format is to have every other page already colored so that children can add their own special touches. And then randomly they pre-colored a few items on the otherwise blank pages. Interesting concept.

At this point I find it's better not to think too deeply about why the Teletubbies are the way they are. It's much better to take them at face value than to ponder why Tinky Winky is described as "a sweet, technological baby with a magic bag."

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rescue 911: Silent Intruder

Since April Fools Day is coming up, here's a great idea for a prank: set up a creepy mannequin in your hallway for one of your family members to find when they come home from work. If they're anything like this chick, they'll flip out, run to the neighbor's house and said neighbor will call 911 reporting a break in. April Fools!

See, it pays off to spend time watching Rescue 911. This show gives great tips!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #4: Glory Daze

Glory Daze, from 1995, is about Ben Affleck and his college roomies figuring out what they're gonna do with their lives after graduation day. Despite the fairly poor dialogue and plot progression, this had some redeeming qualities. 

#1. The soundtrack is killer; tons of 90s punk at its best. Reminded me of how I used to actually enjoy the college radio stations around here. 

#2. Bit parts played by Matthew McConaughey, Brendan Fraser, Leah Remini and Sean Whalen (one of my favorite creep character actors).

#3. Mini backpacks, tie-dye, flannel shirts (worn normally or tied around waist), baggy pants, one strap down overalls, plastic barrettes.......

#4. Ben Affleck is a total hottie, despite his Three Musketeers facial hair. If I had seen this when it was first released, I would've had a mad crush on him.

Why you should watch this movie: All the above reasons. And especially that photo directly above....

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: If French Stewart really gets your goat, steer clear of this one.

I Heart the Nineties rating: One snap up for a script that didn't quite get off the ground.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Furbies in the Night

Confession: There is a collection of Furbies at my house. That I play with. And by play with, I mean I shake them around for about five minutes until they get on my nerves and I throw them back in the guest room closet. They're in the guest room closet because I hope one will waken from its slumber while an unexpecting guest is in there trying to sleep.

Anyways, I've started recording them in case they forever die. Here are a few of my favorite Furby moments:

The one in the second video does some other extremely creepy stuff, but I haven't caught it yet to share. It's the sort of thing that can give a grown adult nightmares.

Beverly Hills, 90210 Trading Cards #15: The Dynamic Duo

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Amazin' Fruit Gummy Bears

Someone please tell me you were a huge fan of this candy.. I need a reason to justify why they were still being produced up until 2008. It's amazin' to me (ha..) that they lasted that long. They always tasted like gummies gone bad with fermentation to my tastebuds. And yes, I did try them more than once.. probably many, many times actually, due to the adorable dancing bears in the commercial. I'd buy anything for them.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #3

Review #3 is for The Addams Family, from 1991.

23 years later (yikes!), and this movie is surprisingly not bad. 

*Casting was well done. Gomez and Morticia are total hotties; I'd say this is my favorite character for Anjelica Huston, and Raul Julia was a badass in the Street Fighter movie. Too bad that one was awful. Christina Ricci nails her role as Wednesday, and can you ever go wrong with Christopher Lloyd?

*Awesome raps provided by MC Hammer (who was just going by "Hammer" at this point).

*Plot revolves around a money scheme, much like other old tv shows turned into movies in the 90s (The Flintstones, The Beverly Hillbillies, etc.; any others you can think of?)

Why you should watch this movie: To see for yourself that Hammer's raps do indeed make sense when paired with the Addams Family.

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: You are an easily offended person and don't want to witness Wednesday asking a Girl Scout if her cookies are "made of real Girl Scouts" (this is actually my favorite scene).

My rating: One snap up. Still holds up well, at least for when you want to watch something silly.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1993 Spring/Summer Sears Catalog - Women's Section

Last year I found this Sears catalog from 1993 at a flea market. 

This is the kind of thing I love most to find at flea markets: the garbage that should have been tossed out long ago, yet some weirdo (in this case, a grandpa who probably just liked ogling the ladies in the bra pages) just couldn't bring themselves to let go of.

Here are a few women's items for sale back then:

*Dresses and suits that Barbara Bush would approve of

*The "padded plus brief"

*An awkward maternity shirt that looks like it should have been for the baby, not the expectant mother

*This pretty sweet swimsuit

*And of course, the most awesome Reeboks (still sold today!!)

Something I noticed in particular is that they offered all kinds of sizes to fit all kinds of ladies, which is commendable. And yes, Sears does still offer print catalogs. Did I sign up to get one? You bet I did!

More photos of the women's section can be seen here, on flickr. Later I'll feature more of the other departments (home fashions is the best!!).