Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Amazin' Fruit Gummy Bears

Someone please tell me you were a huge fan of this candy.. I need a reason to justify why they were still being produced up until 2008. It's amazin' to me (ha..) that they lasted that long. They always tasted like gummies gone bad with fermentation to my tastebuds. And yes, I did try them more than once.. probably many, many times actually, due to the adorable dancing bears in the commercial. I'd buy anything for them.


  1. This commercial got stuck in my subconscious as a little girl. I was so jelly (pun intended) of their cuteness. I wanted teddy bears of them. I had the candy maybe once, not that memorable, but i think this is where my love of gummy bears comes from.

    1. Yes, the commercials were far superior to the actual candy! Pure marketing genius. I never forgot the song.


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