Saturday, March 1, 2014

1993 Spring/Summer Sears Catalog - Women's Section

Last year I found this Sears catalog from 1993 at a flea market. 

This is the kind of thing I love most to find at flea markets: the garbage that should have been tossed out long ago, yet some weirdo (in this case, a grandpa who probably just liked ogling the ladies in the bra pages) just couldn't bring themselves to let go of.

Here are a few women's items for sale back then:

*Dresses and suits that Barbara Bush would approve of

*The "padded plus brief"

*An awkward maternity shirt that looks like it should have been for the baby, not the expectant mother

*This pretty sweet swimsuit

*And of course, the most awesome Reeboks (still sold today!!)

Something I noticed in particular is that they offered all kinds of sizes to fit all kinds of ladies, which is commendable. And yes, Sears does still offer print catalogs. Did I sign up to get one? You bet I did!

More photos of the women's section can be seen here, on flickr. Later I'll feature more of the other departments (home fashions is the best!!).


  1. I feel like the red dress and swimsuit could be worn today and nobody would bat an eye. The 90s are back for real. My roommate wears this one dress I always call her Kelly Kapowski dress. Sadly she's 20 and Canadian and doesn't know the show...

  2. Kids these days!! Haha.. I just can't imagine anyone not being familiar with Saved by the Bell. It's a classic!

  3. All the 1990's Canadian Sears Catalogue Women Rule!


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