Saturday, May 31, 2014

Alloy - Spring 1998

So, I'm just finally getting used to the fact that winter is over. After experiencing literally the worst winter of my life here, the warm temps seemed too good to be true. But as the weeks go by, I can finally believe that the warm weather is real! And continuing! I can finally switch out my wardrobe for summer clothes! If you're in the same position and are also looking for some outfit inspiration, here's what was available from Alloy in 1998, when skater fashion was in its mainstream heyday.

I remember being waaaay into this look. Let me tell you though, being a shorty and wearing men's wide leg jeans isn't the best combination.

I most definitely had a swimsuit like this. Board shorts and halter tops all the way.

These were the iconic skater looks to me. And they were unisex!

I've uploaded the entire catalog for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


  1. I just gotta thank you for uploading these delia*s and alloy catalogs. I'm 33 so this is so crazy to see...isn't it weird how it feels like this was just a few years ago? Or is that just me?

    Also, there was another catalog that was like delia*s where they shot outside like alloy but in different city/nature places...the name is escaping me but they had the clunky knee-high boot thing going on, too.

    I agree about the worst winter (although winter 93 or 94 was pretty crappy--I was in ND and we got a butt-ton of snow that year that I had the pleasure of shovelling when I was like 12 or 13). I was here in Minneapolis but I definitely want to rage-quit the Midwest after this BS (thank you, climate change!).

    Hope things are better in Detroit for you now :) Minneapolis jumped from cold and rainy to sweltering, muggy heat. As Ren and Stimpy would say, "Happy, happy, joy, joy."

    1. Definitely going through some muggy heat over here too, but compared to that snow.. it makes me want to do the dance of joy! (does a Perfect Strangers reference trump your Ren & Stimpy? :)

      I'm trying to rack my brain about this other catalog you speak of.. it sounds familiar but I can't remember any more details. If anything comes up from my research it'll be featured here for sure!

  2. I really really really miss those giant pants.

    1. also I was (and still am) a major shortie, and I looked fabulous rocking that style

    2. If I paired huge pants with a wife beater tank, it was fine.. but when I tried the baggy shirt and/or giant hoodie, that's where it all went wrong! There was definitely a balance that had to be worked out for me, haha


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