Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alloy Catalog - Fall 1997

Since my Delia's catalog scans were a hit on BuzzFeed, I figured I should get moving on my need-to-scan pile. Today's feature is the very first Alloy catalog I received. Just like Delia's, this brand morphed over time to meet the interests of the next generation. So, kids don't wanna be skaters any more?? What's up with that? I don't think Alloy sells any guy's clothing at all now either, and yet back then they wanted everyone to dress like dudes. And it totally reeled me in. I had the huge wide leg jeans, baggy striped sweaters, skate shoes, wallet chain, pixie-cut hair, and of course a Dickies mini messenger bag. Here's my embarrassing secret: I didn't even own a skateboard nor know how to ride. And while I was part of my school's ski club, I was too chicken to try out snowboarding. Feels good to admit it after all these years! Haha.

Catalog is located here on Flickr.

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