Monday, August 12, 2013

90s Problems: No Change for a Phone Call

As awesome as it is to basically have instant access to any tv show or movie I feel like watching, I still think back and sigh about the "good old days of tv". You know, when you actually watched commercials, or looked in the TV Guide to see what Saturday night movies would be on. I could still do those things, but puh-lease! I'm a Netflix and Hulu junkie now. Plus I don't have cable tv and dealing with poor digital channel reception is totally annoying. Instead I waste time watching old commercials on the YouTubes.

1-800-Collect has conveniently wrangled up a collection of their own gems. Oooh David Spade, tell me more about saving money on collect calls! I also enjoy that the 1-800-Collect site is like an homage to the internet of yore.

Don't forget that 1-800-Call ATT gave us their version, starring Carrot Top:

Can't remember the last time I made a collect call, but I do remember abusing the system like many others have done. Mostly this was to save the 25 or 35 cents which I was probably feeding into the vending machine instead. And then there were the times we used it for prank calling, when we'd see if anyone accepted the charges to speak with God or perhaps the Wyld Stallyns. Sometimes they did, and we'd hang up in terror and confusion.

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