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Random 90s Movie Review #2

Our review today is for a delightful made-for-tv film from 1996 titled Wish Upon a Star. It features Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris (the girl who goes mute in one of the Halloween movies), as well as a soundtrack almost entirely performed by one band: Moonpools and Caterpillars.

For a made-for-tv movie, it's actually pretty decent. I'm not saying the story was enrapturing and I'll be quoting it the rest of my life, but it certainly wasn't terrible. The basic plot is that the girls are sisters and each wishes upon the same falling star that they could be the other sister. The next morning they wake up in horror to realize it actually happened. We've all seen tons of movies with the body switching plot, so I'll leave it to you to imagine what sort of stuff happens. Hint: They learn important lessons.

Since it is from 1996, there is frosted purple lipstick, a Jeep, and this outfit:

I kinda want that skirt...

Why you should watch this movie: It might inspire you to wear white knee-high socks again, ala Cher Horowitz.

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: It might remind you how annoying it is when characters switch bodies.

My rating: One snap up. I enjoyed the wardrobe choices and music from a 90s band I had never heard of before.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hot or Not #2

Name: Gavin Rossdale
Occupation: Singer/rhythm guitarist of Bush; husband/boy toy of Gwen Stefani
I Heart the Nineties Rating: Total Baldwin

In this photo, Gavin embodies everything a man should be in 1996 (at least in my mind, but who could disagree?? Probably lots of people, but that's irrelevant). His hair, his tight t-shirt, his furry leopard-print guitar strap.... what a dreamboat!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Lisa Frank Impulse Buys

I resisted all of this newer Lisa Frank stuff for a while. There's just something not quite right about licensed products in general; they're either cheaper quality and/or you pay extra for the royalties. Plus sometimes the stuff just looks weird. But I recently gave in and bought a few things. Cats in a high top shoe! Pandas with a watermelon umbrella! (Were they supposed to have character names??) For a few dollars, I figured why not. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beverly Hills, 90210 Trading Cards #13: Girl Group

Totally just added Shannen Doherty's autobiography to my must-read list. And Tori Spelling's latest. Celebrity autobiographies are such a guilty pleasure that I can't deny.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #1

This is a new part of the blog wherein I watch random, generally unpopular films of the 90s. Our premier choice: Dutch, starring Al Bundy and a young Ethan Embry (Mark from Empire Records!).

When I first turned this on, I exclaimed to my husband, "It's a John Hughes movie!!" to which he replied "Yeah, from the 90s..." and my expectations dropped a little. Remember Baby's Day Out? I'm trying not to. Essentially the story is that Al Bundy has to pick up his girlfriend's son (Ethan) in Georgia and drive back to Chicago. Hilarity should ensue. I powered through several occasions of wanting desperately to turn it off, and was rewarded with essentially nothing. At least both actors are known for better things, and no one seems to know this movie existed.

Why you should watch this movie: Maybe you've always wanted to see Ed O'Neill bending over with a rip in his pants.

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: It's supposed to be Thanksgiving, yet the movie was released in July. That should be enough of a warning of how bad it is.

My rating: Hated it! I would recommend instead my other movie choice of the weekend: MST3K's Warrior of the Lost World. Sure, it's still a bad movie, but you get some funny commentary to make it more bearable. "Feel the malaise, suckas!!"