Sunday, February 9, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #2

Our review today is for a delightful made-for-tv film from 1996 titled Wish Upon a Star. It features Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris (the girl who goes mute in one of the Halloween movies), as well as a soundtrack almost entirely performed by one band: Moonpools and Caterpillars.

For a made-for-tv movie, it's actually pretty decent. I'm not saying the story was enrapturing and I'll be quoting it the rest of my life, but it certainly wasn't terrible. The basic plot is that the girls are sisters and each wishes upon the same falling star that they could be the other sister. The next morning they wake up in horror to realize it actually happened. We've all seen tons of movies with the body switching plot, so I'll leave it to you to imagine what sort of stuff happens. Hint: They learn important lessons.

Since it is from 1996, there is frosted purple lipstick, a Jeep, and this outfit:

I kinda want that skirt...

Why you should watch this movie: It might inspire you to wear white knee-high socks again, ala Cher Horowitz.

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: It might remind you how annoying it is when characters switch bodies.

My rating: One snap up. I enjoyed the wardrobe choices and music from a 90s band I had never heard of before.


  1. My sister and I totally had this on VHS and loved it!

    1. I should have watched this on VHS instead of through Netflix! That would've improved my viewing experience even more

  2. I caught this one time while babysitting my sister's kids and I thought it was adorable. The one sister was also on Roseanne as the "alternative" neighbor girl.

    1. Oh yeah, she was! I never made that connection before. Roseanne was an awesome show.


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