Friday, February 7, 2014

Lisa Frank Impulse Buys

I resisted all of this newer Lisa Frank stuff for a while. There's just something not quite right about licensed products in general; they're either cheaper quality and/or you pay extra for the royalties. Plus sometimes the stuff just looks weird. But I recently gave in and bought a few things. Cats in a high top shoe! Pandas with a watermelon umbrella! (Were they supposed to have character names??) For a few dollars, I figured why not. 


  1. You just triggered a Lisa Frank flashback. I remember stalking the Target jewelry/accessories department and finding the Lisa Frank puzzle watch (I don't know what exactly they were called - like, you could slide both sides of the band out and mix and match them). I DIED for that thing. I PIIIIINED. And of course never got it because my mother wouldn't pay for it and I was busy wasting my babysitting money on issues of Bop magazine. Anyway, that's all.

    1. I spent many an allowance dollar on issues of Bop. Money well spent! Haha. I also spent many an hour picking out what I wanted to buy from the Lisa Frank catalogs.. and basically got none of it since my mother wouldn't pay for it either!


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