Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Day the Juice Got Loose

Can you believe it's been twenty years to the day since O.J. Simpson's low-speed chase in the Bronco? Actually, it does feel like that was forever ago, to me at least. So much can change in two decades. In 1994, we were all glued to our tvs to watch news reporters give us the "juicy" details (get it? juicy? the "Juice"?). Of course the internet existed, but for the vast majority of us I don't think we spent much time looking up details of the homicides, trial, etc. online. I'll go out on a limb and say that hadn't occurred to most of us. We just stuck with the tv coverage.

I just watched the 30 for 30 film about June 17, 1994, which covered O.J. as well as other sports events like the NY Rangers celebrating their Stanley Cup win. The director mentioned that it was a turning point at that time, where suddenly everyone became celebrity-obsessed and reality shows took off. The general public would rather watch O.J. in the Bronco over anything else. Which probably explains the weird memorabilia that popped up at the time.

In finale, I'll leave you with this tidbit about myself. While the murder trial was going on, my cousin and I came up with nicknames for ourselves and for my brother. The nicknames were a combination of a TLC member, a person associated with the trial, and an NBA player. I was Chili Kato Jordan :)

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