Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remember These??

While doing research for something completely amazing and blog-related (and secret for now), I happened upon some foods I used to love. Yes, we've all seen lists of 90s foods that have since been discontinued, so I realize I'm not breaking new ground here. These are just a few of my personal favorites that I mourn for.

I'll start with the ones I always remembered.. the ones never forgotten:

Taco-flavored ranch dressing from Hidden Valley. Was this stuff even good? I have a feeling it was one of those marketing gimmicks that sucked me in and made me love it regardless of the product's taste. It must not have been around very long either, because I would reminisce about it with my marching band carpool buddies in high school.

Cookies n Creme Twix. You could also buy these in a box of singles. But who wants to eat just one single bar? That's just crazy.

And now for a food I completely forgot about for the last 20 years: Pop Qwiz popcorn

I'm just gonna come right out and say it.. this stuff was stupid. It was colored popcorn, and the color in the bag would be a mystery until it was popped. And there was no special flavoring involved, just straight up microwave butter popcorn. This commercial might get you so excited that you'd want to run out and buy some though! Haha. If you have any long-lost foods that you still dream of, let me know in the comments!

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