Monday, April 14, 2014

Random 90s Movie Review #6: Empire Records

Could there be a more perfect 90s movie than Empire Records? I mean just look at that photo.. it says it all. 1995 to the max.

Rex Manning Day was last week, so it seemed pertinent to review this particular movie. I give it an A+ in the following areas:

  • Music. The soundtrack is totally on point, as well as every single song played throughout the film. It goes way beyond that sweet Gin Blossoms song.
  • Wardrobe. Totally nailed it. I still want Corey's cropped sweater, plaid mini and boots.
  • Dialogue. "What's with today, today?"

My one and only complaint is that sometimes the characters break the fourth wall. Just not a huge fan of that. I would also say "not enough scenes with Berko" is another complaint, but he remains best as more of an enigma. At least there's plenty of Lucas, my fave.

Why you should watch this movie: It rules

Why you shouldn't watch this movie: Might cause intense feelings of nostalgia

I Heart the Nineties Rating: Two snaps way up


  1. Oh, man. I love Empire Records but the "Fan Remix" DVD is the worst. It totally wrecked my experience and I can't figure out what "fan" this was for. Even when you look at all the reviews on Amazon, people vehemently say "Do NOT buy this version" because it changes some killer lines in the movie (ex. Rex Manning walking out of the store in a huff). Are you a fan or did you like the original one better?

    1. I don't get why movies are released in different home versions than the original.. we go to the theater to see it, we like it, then it's available for purchase yet it's been changed. What's up with that?

      Unfortunately that fan remix is all I own. I put up with it despite its suckiness just so I can get my Lucas fix. I'm hoping to come across a VHS tape at a flea market or something though.


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