Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion Friday #1


This is by no means a sponsored post, but today I stepped into an American Eagle store and laid eyes on this scrumptious dress. Yes, scrumptious. It inspired me to new levels of outfit planning. Can't you totally see all of these items on a page of Seventeen magazine from 1994?

So obviously I'm really loving all the 90s revival stuff coming out and hope to feature some each Friday. Please share if you come across anything spectacular!


  1. My students have started wearing scrunchies and big fabric bow clips! I don't know, is that '80s or '90s?

    1. Those may have started in the 80s, but regardless both were very strong in the 90s! The one thing I couldn't stand about scrunchies was when people would wear them on their wrists as bracelets.. for some reason that would always bug me, haha


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