Sunday, May 26, 2013

Unreal Moments in Capeside, #3

There wasn't anything particularly unbelievable about this episode. Dawson tries to stage the perfect romantic first kiss with Jen. Jen takes a part in the high school movie "Helmets of Glory" to spend more time with Dawson. Joey lies about her life to some new dude that shows up in town. And Pacey continues to hook up with Tamara, a teacher at the high school. I suppose that would be the most unreal aspect, but I remember the stories about teachers and students at my own high school (and not even the good looking teachers!).

The back and forth between these two is incredibly boring. Pacey is pushy and then Tamara is all, "This is wrong, go find someone your own age", then immediately she gives in to him. She's uninteresting, flaky and easy. And Pacey is the only one in town with an East Coast accent. What's up with that?

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