Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1990 Grammys

Last summer I dug out a bunch of random VHS tapes from my mom's house to watch while I worked on my PEZ display board (which is awesome by the way). Aside from a bootleg copy of The Little Mermaid and episodes of Dinosaurs recorded from the tv, the absolute best was a tape of the 1990 Grammy awards. The commercials: so good! The music: even better!

I'm not technologically advanced enough to make a digital copy of a VHS tape, but I can share a couple highlights from that magical evening.

1. Who can forget the time when Milli Vanilli won Best New Artist, only to have it revoked when it was revealed they were phonies? Oh yeah, and Garry Shandling was there. But don't let that deter you from watching some sweet Milli Vanilli dance moves:

2. Billy Joel performed "We Didn't Start the Fire". I loooooved that song (still do) and that performance is the only memory I have of watching this awards show live.

3. Michael Bolton and Kenny G appeared together on stage and made awkward jokes about their noses.

4. This Pepsi commercial:

5. The local news for Detroit teased us with a medical breakthrough story coming up after the awards. Apparently doctors had fancy new cameras to use during gynecological exams.. and I will say the video clip shown was far from appealing. 

I'm so happy this tape didn't get recorded over!

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