Sunday, November 24, 2013

If You Were Drinking Kool-Aid in the 90s...

... and not in the metaphorical sense, then you may have chosen this totally dope flavor:


PurpleSaurus Rex is my favorite flavor illustration ever, but this is next in line. Kool-Aid Man and the Rock-a-Dile guy are having a jam session. They're getting so into it, there's "artificial flavor punch" splashing around!

This unopened packet was in my mom's kitchen for probably 15 years until I finally added it to my "I don't need this but I can't possibly throw it away" collection. We kept buying more flavors but for some reason never made this one. And now it's tucked away for all posterity, or at least until a day comes when I'm so desperate for money that I sell it on ebay for a couple bucks.

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