Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rescue 911: "Potty Peril"

This video is a full segment titled "Potty Peril" from the show Rescue 911. Hosted by William Shatner and featuring glorious amounts of re-enactments, it's definitely a gem of the 90s.

We begin by finding out a two year old has gotten her foot stuck in a toilet and no amount of dish soap is gonna make a difference. The mother calls 911, only to deal with a skeptical operator. Paramedics eventually show up but they're in need of an expert: a toilet expert, that is. While they wait for the fire captain to show up (the only toilet expert they can think of), they decide to unbolt and carry out the toilet and little girl in a huge crew to the driveway. This is deemed more professional than breaking the toilet inside the house. At this point I'm imagining what a scene it is for the neighbors, and then to do it all again for the re-enactment filming!

The father then shows up on a whim, with Bill Shatner saying: "The last thing he expected was to find his daughter stuck in the toilet." Once the captain shows up, he instructs his men how to approach and enter the toilet. What a line. Eventually the toilet is cracked open, little girl's foot is freed, and we're left with this timeless quote: 

"One thing that can be learned from this is never stand up in a toilet."

That is some sage advice, my friend. You are a toilet expert indeed.

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