Monday, July 15, 2013

Unreal Moments in Capeside, #4

The below scene appears pretty boring, but let's put it into context. Previously, Dawson discovered he accidentally videotaped Tamara getting hot and heavy with some dark haired dude. Pacey's all, "I gotta see that!" and is found frantically rummaging around Dawson's room in search of it. Dawson enters and goes to get the tape for him.. and where else would he have placed it but in a hollowed out book. Get real! His room is full of tapes, how hard would it be to hide it among the rest?

Pacey soon admits he is the dude on the tape and has lost his virginity to Tamara. The whole time this discussion is happening, the door to Dawson's room IS OPEN. And his parents are home! He's so worried about someone finding the sex tape that he creates a terrible disguise for it in a book, yet doesn't shut the door for a private conversation??

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