Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8: Rex Manning Day!

To celebrate this special occasion, you should watch Empire Records. If you don't own it, unfortunately it's not on Netflix. And neither is Grease 2, which Rex Manning Maxwell Caulfield also appears in. But I'll tell you what is on Netflix: Maxwell Caulfield starring in The Boys Next Door and Midnight Witness. Yikes, both of those movies involve violent murder! Try your best to get Empire Records instead, resorting to Amazon instant video or illegal downloading if needed.


  1. I've been binge-reading your blog all day; Every post has been amazing, but this one really got me! I'd say 50% of my everyday vocabulary still comes from quoting this movie, it's just that no one else realizes it.

    1. Such a good movie!! Damn the man, save the Empire!


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