Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fresh Jewelry Choices

If you were a pre-teen or teenager in the 1990s, chances are you had at least one of these pieces of jewelry:

Giant chunky plastic rings. These would only stay on if I put them on my thumbs.

 Hemp or bead rings with clay beads. I always looked for these at craft fairs and souvenir shops. Must-have accessories for my tie-dye shirt/Birkenstocks outfit in middle school.

 Anything with dolphins on it.

 Something completely tacky from Claire's.

 A smiley face. Perfect complement to a yin yang charm.

 Chinese good fortune bracelet.

"What Would Jesus Do?" bracelet. A constant reminder to think about your actions first. Or just another thing to accessorize with, as it came in every color.

So many more pieces that I didn't keep: hard plastic pacifiers, "tattoo" chokers, slap bracelets, "Y" necklaces....


  1. Just read all of your posts and added you to my reader. LOVE the jewelry...brings me back for sure (I'm a class of 2000 grad).

  2. I think I might still have some of this stuff. lol including the W.W.J.D bracelet.

    1. It's time to bust it out again! 90s revival hasn't peaked yet


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