Saturday, February 23, 2013

O.J. Simpson: Still Searching For the Real Killer?

This is probably the weirdest piece of 90s memorabilia I own. Some enterprising folks decided to combine the O.J. Simpson trial with pogs. "I'll trade you a white Ford Bronco for Kato Kaelin on Larry King!"

I remember being really interested in the trial and watching updates on the news every day while eating dinner. The verdict was announced while I was in school; since everyone was granted permission to watch it live, a tv was wheeled in to my 7th grade gym class. Of course this was way better than pretending I knew how to play softball, so it was the best day of gym class ever. When we heard O.J. was deemed not guilty, one girl loudly stated "I knew it! My parents were right, everyone else was wrong, he's not guilty! HA!" I kinda hated her for being so obnoxious (I was a 12 year old girl, who didn't I hate?), but now I just laugh and think about this:

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